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Board Volunteers Needed

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Urgently Required

We are in need of two people to fill the vacant Bingo Chairperson positions with the Community League. These positions are integral in the organization as Bingo's bring in funds required to support Community League Programs. 

Bingo Chair(s) acts as Chairperson of all bingos for which the community league is responsible which is approximately one per month.  They are responsible for coordinating the volunteers working the bingo and act as liaison between Baturyn Community League, Kensington Bingo Hall and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. They are responsible for applying for a bingo licence and attending any General Meetings of the Northwest Edmonton Bingo Association. 

If you are interested in these positions, please contact Courtney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Volunteer for your Community

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Volunteers are an important part of our community and many community events would not be successful without their important contribution. Volunteers share valuable skills and their time to help build strong communities and support many families & individuals within our community.

Being a volunteer also lets you benefit from your experience through building relationships within your community, building skills, and creating opportunities for personal growth. The benefits you receive from volunteering are endless. Are you interested in being a volunteer?

Volunteers Opportunities

Urgently RequiredWinterfest - Monday,February 20th - We still need 2- 3 more!


Baturyn’s Bingo Angels

Bingo’s are an important part of our community league operation as they provide us will much needed funds to help run many of our programs. We have 14 bingos per calendar year with a staffing requirement of a minimum of 16 volunteers. We try very hard to staff these through our program participants but sometimes we run short. Working a bingo is a great way to get out of the house, engage with other people from your community, and help provide valuable programs offered to the residents in your area. We are looking for people who would be willing to put their name on a contact list that we can call upon in a time of need and become a Baturyn Bingo Angel. Bingo Angels will qualify for an incentive program offered from the community league. If you are interested in joining our Bingo Angel’s List, please contact Nicole at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss this opportunity.

Baturyn Volunteer Policy

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As a Community League, we are obligated to pay many expenses that impact our hall and programs, such as insurance for both our facility and program participants, referees, umpires, uniforms and equipment. The Volunteer Policy is in place to ensure greater participation in fundraising that supports the programs that we provide to you.

Although other volunteer opportunities do exist, Bingos and Casinos are the major contributors to fundraising for the Community League and the programs we offer. Without them we would have to greatly increase your program registration fees. In utilizing these fundraisers, we have a financial commitment to the Bingo Hall and Casino for a set number of people to be in attendance at events we are responsible for. The league can be fined and/or lose our Bingos/Casinos if we do not ensure adequate staffing at these events. This, in turn, will impact our ability to deliver programs to you.

To participate in a program offered by BCL, we require a $250.00 UNDATED cheque payable to Baturyn Community League or BCL, for each registration. This cheque will not be cashed if you meet your volunteer commitment and will be returned to you once you have fulfilled your commitment.

The Volunteer process is as follows:

  1. You will be required to sign up for a volunteer commitment during the registration process. When you sign up for a Volunteer date, it is important that you make note of the date. We encourage you to mark this in your calendar and set a reminder as the date draws near to alert you of your upcoming commitment. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to remember your volunteer date. Should you miss your volunteer date without providing the community league with reasonable notice of your inability to attend or reschedule your volunteer commitment, your Volunteer Deposit will be processed as payment towards your child’s program fees. Remember that that the Fees we offer are offset by the volunteer commitment being fulfilled. 
  1. We will email prior to the date of your volunteer commitment to confirm your attendance and provide you with the location and time details. You are required to confirm your attendance within 24 hours of the email being sent or call being 

  2. If you have not returned the call or email to confirm, we will you assume you will not be in attendance and we will find an alternate person to work in your place. Should this occur, your volunteer deposit will be given to the Treasurer to cash.

Please note the following:

  • If you are unable or unwilling to work a liquor or gaming commitment such as a Bingo or Casino, please notify us at the time of registration time.
  • If you choose to forfeit your volunteer deposit rather than perform a volunteer duty, please notify us at the time of registration so that we can deposit your cheque immediately. Please note, we need the volunteers more than we need the funds, so we may restrict this option at our discretion.
  • It is your responsibility to cover the volunteer date you selected. This can be done by family members or friends, but you are ultimately responsible to ensure an appropriate individual is present on your behalf.
  • If something occurs which impacts your ability to be to make the date of your volunteer commitment, we will do our best to reschedule your volunteer date provided a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice is given. We will reschedule no more than once in a season.
  • Any person not showing up for their selected volunteer date will be required to leave a $250.00 CASH deposit for future registrations, which will be returned to you once you fulfill your responsibility within the current season.
  • If your cheque has been returned to us as Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), you will not be eligible to enroll your child into a program until you have provided a CASH payment of the amount due.


Download this file (BCL Volunteer Policy Form (2017-02).pdf)BCL Volunteer Policy 

Baturyn Board Opportunities 2016

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Baturyn Board Opportunities


“We get from people what we give; we find in them what we bring.  We discover that the changes in them are really changes in ourselves.”  - Unknown



Below is a list of the Board Positions.  Many of the incumbants have offered to stay on, but you do have the opportunity to challenge any position.  Minimum 1 year commitment required.  All board positions are exempt from extra volunteer duty.


Baturyn Executive Board (voting positions)


  • The representative of the Baturyn Comm. League

  • Provides leadership to the board

  • Shall preside over all meetings of the League

  • Shall be responsible for the general administration of the affairs of the League

  • Shall have in the case of a tie, the deciding vote

  • Shall attend the  CDRS monthly meetings

  • Acts as a spokesperson for the league or appoints a designate

  • Is a signing authority    

  • Est. time required: 20 hours/month 

Vice President    

  • In charge, in the absent of the President, assume and discharge all the duties and responsibilities of the President until the latter is again available

  • Responsible for the procedure of electing officers at the AGM

  • Carry out-under the direction of the Executive, periodic review of the League’s Bylaws

  • Is the liaison between Playschool and BCL Board     

  • Is a signing authority   

  • Est. time required:  8 hours/month 


  • Receives all monies collected on behalf of the League; makes deposits

  • Shall pay accounts when properly approved by the Executive

  • Shall keep accurate records

  • Present an itemized financial report of the most recent month-end at each meeting. 

  • Shall close the books as of August 31st (BCL fiscal year) and ensure an audit is conducted.

  • Makes sure registration fees; membership sales fees are collected and deposited.

  • Issues cheques for all invoices

  • Makes sure an audited statement of the financial position of the League is prepared and presented to the AGM

  • Is a signing authority         Est. time required:  20 hours/month


Secretary –         

  • Attends all meetings of the BCL, the Board and the Executive

  • Keeps and maintains records of the members, including current address, phone number of each member

  • The custodian of the League’s records pertaining to the office

  • Keep accurate minutes of all meetings including the exact wording of all motions, identifying the mover and the seconded, and the result of voting on such motions.

  • Sends the board the notice of all meetings, agenda, and minutes

  • Notifies the membership of meeting dates

  • Files the annual return, changes in the directors of the organization, amendments in the bylaws and other incorporation documents with the Corporate Registry.

  • Is a signing authority       

  • Est. time required:  8 hours/month

Finance Director

  • Responsible for all fundraising activities of the League

  • Initiates new ways and means for the League to generate more funds for programs as deemed necessary

  • Shall be responsible for investigating and applying for grants

  • Develops financial policies

  • Est. time required:  8 hours/month

 Buildings & Facilities Director -   

  • Is responsible for facilities(hall, rink shack, rink) and properties

  • Acts as the Liaison between the City of Edmonton

  • Oversees access to the community hall

  • Supervises building  maintenance and repair

  • Reviews condition of facilities; arranges for major repair work

  • Coordinates work-bees for projects as they arise

  • Coordinates hall maintenance and cleaning

  • Responsible for the Hall Janitorial Contractor; and Hall Rental representative.

  • Prepares an annual budget and submits to Treasurer

  • Est. time required:  20 hours/month 

Castle Downs Recreation Society Representative 2 positions -

  • Shall attend all meetings of the Castle Downs Recreation Society – once monthly

  • Shall report proceedings from the Baturyn Comm. League meetings to the CDRS.

  • Shall report proceedings from the CDRS meetings to the BCL Board at their once monthly meeting.

  • Coordinates the Canada Day Celebration at the Castle Downs Park with CDRS and Baturyn’s involvement.

  • Est. time required:  8 hours/month 

Programs Director      

  • Organizes classes of interest for the BCL membership and community

  • Works with the Community Recreation Coordinator (City of Edmonton) to bring in programs

  • Works with Hall Rentals to ensure availability of the hall for programs     

  • Est. time required:  8 hours/month 

Social Director

  • Shall be responsible for establishing social activities of the League

  • Ensures success of programs and events which is important in helping the league maintain a high profile in the community.

  • Organizes and operates the social events and establishes Committees from food, beverages, entertainment, ticket sales, to clean up, etc.

  • Prepares Policy and Procedures with respect to social activities

  • Prepares an annual budget and submits to Treasurer    

  • Est. time required:  8 hours/month 

Sports Director-        

  • Oversees the committees to operate our Sports programs and maintain the sports facilities as requested by the Executive or members at large.

  • Reviews and prepares policy and procedures with respect to the sports programs

  • Orders sports equipment when required

  • Prepares an annual budget for the sports programs and submits to the Treasurer. 

  • Est. time required: 10 hours/month

 Volunteers Director

  • Responsible for ensuring that fundraising events have volunteers scheduled

  • Ensure that volunteers are present at their commitment and receive their fundraising cheque after

  • Maintains and updates the events scheduled and volunteers notified

  • Works with the various Exec and Committees for their needs to coordinate the volunteers

  • Prepares an annual budget and submits to Treasurer

  • Est. time required - 5 - 7 hours per week

 Communication Director

  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the league website

  • Is Responsible for maintaining email distribution

  • Discovers opportunities in the community to advertise and promote current programs, future events, other important information and the benefits of the League membership

  • Ensures the Castle News article space is fully utilized by reminding program leaders to pen articles about projects

  • Provides the League Executive with assistance and guidance on issues which involve Communication

  • Ensures Security of the Leagues members’ information.


Baturyn Board Committees (non-voting)


Membership Coordinator

  • Receives request for membership, attends AGM and Fall Registration.  Collects fees if required

  • Manages the membership database and membership cards

  • Distributes cards as required

  • Orders membership supplies from EFCL

  • Contributes and recommends in discussions of increasing membership

  • Informs Board of # memberships with Baturyn     Est. time required:  8 hours/month

Soccer Manager     

  • Responsible for coordinating the team’s roster; the liaison for EMSA North and Baturyn Community.

  • Assigns Coaches/Assistant Coaches

  • Attends EMSA meetings

  • Works with the Castle Downs communities for coordinating team rosters.   Works with EMSA for team information and declaration into their system

  • Works with the volunteer director

  • Arranges for photos   Est. time required:  20 hours/month

Softball Manager

  • Sets up and manages the BCL softball program.

  • Sets up rosters; delivers to headquarters

  • Attends meetings associated with the softball association

  • Works with the volunteer director    Est time required:  March to June  8 hours/month

 Bingo Chairperson

  • Chairs Baturyn’s Monthly Bingo at Kensington Bingo Hall – 4 to 5 times a year

  • At bingo – supervises volunteers, assigns duties, secures handling of cash

  • Complies with the bingo association for Financial and Inventory Controls

  • Returns Volunteer cheques/ works with Volunteer Director

Variety Show -     2 Positions Required

  • Represents the Baturyn Community League at the Variety Show meetings (approx. 6 per year)

  • Works jointly the Castle Downs Variety Show Committees in the planning and organizing of the fall annual Variety Show

  • Chairs and organizes the Volunteers representing Baturyn on their scheduled VS date– Nov. 14/14